About Us

Who we are

1solution has been established for connecting the service providers with the receivers. It has been started with an intention to pioneer efforts in the field of service delivery. This platform enables customers to reach out to the service providers according to the services expected and needed. Some of the services that the platform is endeavouring to provide like construction services, web developing, connecting with car drivers, yoga instructors, offline & online tutors, drawing and painting experts,rentals and many more.


To connect the people in need of services with expert service professionals and enable the quality-based services like never-before to be available to all.


The platform enables transparent, accurate, safe and professional service delivery mechanisms to be provided based on the need. Helping the professionals to connect with the customers and enable the lucid transactions to take place. The safety of customers being the utmost priority and enabling risk-free and qualitative approaches to accomplish the services.

Why 1solution?

Trained technicians: 1solution endeavours to contact and establish relationships with trained technicians with expertise in the field concerned. These technicians are expected to deliver the services in-time, meet the expectations of customers like timely delivery, customer satisfaction, quality output and a fair and supportive engagement.

Flexibility in the approaches adopted: The approaches adopted by the service providers will be according to the needs of the customers and will be adjusted and according to the situation on the field.

Transparent, lucid and convenient delivery mechanisms: The platform endeavours to maintain the transaction between the professional and the customer to be very transparent in terms of its engagement and also the mechanisms to be very lucid, simple and also convenient to the customer. As customers are given the utmost priority.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority

A one-stop solution for many services